1. A typical payment takes up - bytes.
  2. The average miner uses - joule per TH.
  3. Miners pay an energy costs of - ¢ per kWh.
  4. Non-mining energy costs is insignificant.

Energy statistics BTC BCH
Total energy consumption (kilowatthours / day)
Energy consumption per transaction (kilowatthours / transaction)

Fee market statistics BTC BCH
Cost per transactions (US cent / transaction)

Network statistics BTC BCH
Hashrate (Terahashes / second)
Transactions (transactions / day)
Blockspace (bytes)

¹ Bitcoin (BTC) is calculated with a 2mb blocksize to accomodate the space from segwit.
² Optimal energy efficiency is still far from ideal, and needs to be improved significantly.
³ Measured statistics was fetched with the Blockchair API.